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Razor Dearborn

Exterior shot of single family home at night with a car driving into a garage below the home.
Open concept kitchen and living room. One person is sitting at the kitchen island counter top and one is person is using the sink. The kitchen has a light wood ceiling, large windows, and a white dining room table with white mid century modern chairs.
Living room with a beige couch with white and yellow pillows, two leather strap chairs, a wooden table, and a wooden credenza. One wall is dark teal and one wall is full of windows.
Exterior of home.
Living room attached to kitchen with fireplace and mid century modern decor.
Man in bedroom, stepping outside through sliding doors to bedroom balcony. Bedroom is filled with natural light. Bedroom has a beige bed, an animal skin rug, and a cow print ottoman.
Light wood stairs and person, in motion, moving behind the staircase.
Rooftop deck with light wood flooring. Person sitting on bright turquoise outdoor couch, looking out at views of trees and water.
Bathroom with natural wood counter top, white sink and silver faucet. Plant next to sink.
Large window with a large evergreen tree in the center of the window frame. Small porcelain white giraffe on window sill.
Bathroom with a marble counter top, and light wood cabinets, and white bathtub.
Leschi, Seattle, WA
Single Family + Garage
Unit Size
3,125 SF + 925 SF
Built 2014
Razor Investments
Carissa Farkas Structural Engineering, PLLC
Lara Swimmer