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Entry way of single family home with golden doodle laying next to door.
Large, bright kitchen with medium wood flooring and cabinets. One person is using the sink and one person is outside of balcony attached to kitchen.
Person walking through front door of home. Entryway is made of light stone and wooden front door has many small windows.
Exterior shot of home.
Bathroom with glass door to shower and bath tub.
Living room with floor to ceiling windows. One person is holding a small child and looking out the one window, another child is standing on a gray couch. Golden doodle dog is also looking out of the window.
Living room image with one adult and two children on couch next to stone fireplace with TV above it. Floor to ceiling windows on one side of the living room.
Dining room table with one adult and two children walking around the table. Open concept dining room with stone pillars between dining room and living room.
Exterior of home.
Shilshole Bay, Seattle, WA
Single Family + Garage
Unit Size
4,051 SF + 675 SF
Built 2013
Carissa Farkas Structural Engineering, PLLC
Emerald Land Surveying, Inc.
PanGeo, Inc.
Lara Swimmer