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Our Office

1257 S King St

1257 S King St
Exterior image of office with lots of windows and a man walking towards the camera in motion.
Four people sitting and having a meeting around a table in an open concept meeting room. Meeting room has light wood shelves and light wood back paneling.
Photo of city around the office.
Office with blue couch and two orange chairs. Open concept meeting space shows desks with people working. The office has high ceilings and lots of windows with natural light.
Office featuring hanging art installation of stacked spherical lanterns that have been painted bright colors and patterns.
Open concept office featuring a combination of standing desks and sitting desks. Office has high ceilings and lots of windows with natural light.
A person is standing by 3 vertically stacked windows. A westie terrier is outside looking in.
Exterior of office building with their front door open. Office building has a lot of windows.
Drawing of office building showcasing where the summer sun will hit the office vs. the winter sun.

Designing a building for your team is an exciting opportunity. When designing the office, JW Architects explored three core ideas: collaboration, community context and energy efficiency.

The site was selected for its proximity to housing stock, client projects, and mass transit. Its location within Seattle’s urban core promotes the teams use of alternate transit.

“Our vision included net-zero energy use, balanced daylighting, and flexibility for future growth. Every employee at the firm had a role in the building, making it a uniquely collaborative process.” “We worked as a team to create a building we could all stand behind,” – Julian Weber, Founding Principal.

Taking inspiration from the neighborhood’s commercial structures, King St features a familiar sawtooth roofline. This provided ample opportunity for daylighting to benefit both the occupants and improve energy efficiency.

The building takes a contemporary approach to traditional Japanese Shoji Screens demonstrated in its façade composition. This is complemented with a traditional Japanese minimalist landscape plan.

King St is a net positive building. The project was the second building in Seattle to achieve Zero Energy Building Certification from International Living Future Institute (ILFI). It was able to accomplish this through strategic glazing, tight envelope, and careful lighting design.

King Street was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2017 AIA Seattle Honor Awards. Today, King Street continues to thrive as a living building. With continued updates, and renovations, the office has evolved with firm priorities. The versatility of the building allows it to serve as a gallery that features custom installations and events.

JW Architects acknowledges that we work on the unceded, traditional land of the Coast Salish Peoples, specifically the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People, original stewards of the land, past and present. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe. This acknowledgment only becomes meaningful when combined with accountable relationships and informed actions and is a first step in honoring the land we are on and their people.

International District, Seattle, WA
Commercial Office Building
2 stories
Building size
3,678 SF
Built 2016
Zero Energy, International Living Future Institute
Honorable Mention, AIA Seattle
Julian & Jaidee Weber with JW Architects
Belotti & McHugh Design and Construction
Lara Swimmer