Ashworth Hudson

Seizing the spirit of a neighborhood is a necessity when designing a home.

Ashworth Homes is a Seattle based development company that specializes in building contemporary, yet classic homes. Their team brought JW Architects a site located within the Columbia City neighborhood. JW Architects made an instant connection to the site, as it was a short walk from the original office on Hudson Street.

JW Architects made it a design mission to fit in. By matching the neighborhood rooflines with a series of gable forms, the duo is dynamic, yet refined. Their height and scale matches the existing homes as a friendly neighbor. The result, a contemporary twist on a classic form, and two homes that maintain the collective memory of their place.

And the neighborhood agrees. One resident wrote, “I am a Columbia City resident, who values history, retaining neighborhood character, preserving older homes.  Recently so many of us are experiencing tear-down fatigue…with cold, larger than life boxes replacing warm, community-neighbor-friendly homes.  I drove by one of your projects on South Hudson and wanted to thank you for designing a beautiful development that fits into the character of the neighborhood, has a roof line, and color…. we need more designs like this….then our mourning for our character in our neighborhoods would be over!  Thank you for your creativity.”

Sense of place is not static. The possibilities that arise from examining the existing character of a neighborhood is not only valuable at a community level, but an urban one.

Photography credit: Alex Hayden

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