1317 North 44th St

Briar Box LLC and JW Architects are collaborating to design the redevelopment of 1317 North 44th Street. When it’s complete, there will be (2) 3 story structures containing 8 townhomes. We’re just getting started planning now – construction could start Winter 2021 and the building could be open as early Fall 2020.

Please join us in person to talk about project ideas and how to make this a successful development in the Wallingford neighborhood. Drop-in hours will be held on site, 1317 North 44th Street, on Tuesday, October 15, from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

This survey will be open from [October 1] to [October 22] After that, we’ll start preparing for the City’s Design Review process and other permitting steps.

To find out more about this project and track our progress through the design review and permitting process, search the project address (1317 North 44th Street) or project number (004678-19PA) in the Design Review Calendar and the Seattle Services Portal. To find out more about early outreach for design review, visit the Department of Neighborhood’s webpage.

This survey is anonymous, though information you share could be made public. Please do not share any personal/sensitive information. All information is being collected by JW Architects, but may be submitted to the City of Seattle. Therefore, personal information entered may be subject to disclosure to a third-party requestor pursuant to the Washington Public Records Act.

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