About JWA

The vision was born 9 years ago in a garage: create progressive designs for livable, affordable homes. Today, that vision flourishes, in projects impacting families, neighborhoods and communities. We are JWA.


Our diverse team members combine their broad range of expertise in a rigorous, collaborative process that is the hallmark of JWA design. Our method yields affordable, progressive designs without sacrificing quality.


Founding Principal / MoreLess

Julian Weber, AIA, leads a highly collaborative design process that includes designers, consultants, and clients. He has been working in the industry for over 18 years and founded JW Architects in 2009. Committed to design that positively impacts neighborhoods and communities, he served as the Chair of the Southeast Board of the City of Seattle Design Review Board from 2015 to 2018.


Studio Leader / MoreLess

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon. Her passion for design that addresses economic, environmental, and social issues led her to work as a community designer with AmeriCorps VISTA on low-income residential and community-oriented design in Dallas, TX.


Studio Leader / MoreLess

Molly is fascinated by the interaction between people and the built environment. Her background in lighting design balances with a strong interest in daylighting. She received a Bachelor in Science of Architecture with a Minor in Architectural History from University of Virginia.


Studio Leader / MoreLess

With extensive experience in mixed-use and multi-family housing, Veronica is an advocate of designing communities that enhance the built, natural, and social environment. She received a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington.


Client Relations Manager/ MoreLess

Emily works closely with Julian Weber and the leadership team to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. She focuses on managing public relations for the King Street Zero Energy office and is an active member in the SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services) Seattle chapter. She holds a Bachelor’s of Marketing from Western Washington University.


Project Architect/ MoreLess

Katie is motivated to create healthy, sustainable and thoughtful spaces in which people can work and live. Along with those passions, she brings with her years of experience with Seattle’s mixed-use and multi-family housing. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and a Master of Architecture from Washington State University.


Project Architect / MoreLess

Alexandra earned her Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon with a focus on craft, fabrication, and sustainable technology. She is passionate about how design can positively impact human experience and benefit our communities.

Stephanie Irwin

Project Coordinator / MoreLess

Steph lives a life outdoors, which motivates her to design environmentally unique, thoughtful, and community oriented spaces where people can live and work. Her interest in urban and social systems and love of the mountains, drove her masters thesis study of designing an integrated community network to restructure social imbalance in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture from Montana State University.


Designer / MoreLess

Sean’s adventurous spirit and passion for travel has taken him to over 20 countries in the last five years photographing architecture and studying how different culture’s influence design. He has a passion for sustainable design and how people interact with the environment. He holds a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design from Montana State University.

Sonja Helstad

Designer / MoreLess

Sonja is a creative individual, inspired by the elegant connection between art, architecture, and the environment. Sonja earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from Montana State University, and is excited to apply her knowledge and passion towards building a career in the profession.


Designer / MoreLess

With a background based in rural Montana, Sarah understands the importance of preserving authentic communities. Her interests as a designer lie in genuine community design and the policy that supports it. She has earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture from Montana State University.


Designer / MoreLess

Ozen enjoys learning about the many methods in architectural design and the built environment. She strives to implement what she learns into her work by taking part in thought-driven designs and solutions. She received her education from the University of Washington and Istanbul Technical University.


Office Coordinator / MoreLess

Dan enjoys the aspect of being able to learn and grow as an individual. With his daily life being surrounded by architects, he’s found a new desire to want to learn more and grow within this realm. He holds a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of Washington.


Design Intern / MoreLess

With a strong interest in photography and travel, architecture quickly became a passion for Nate. Currently studying at Montana State University, he will finish his undergraduate architecture degree in the spring of 2019 and pursue a masters of architecture following. Nate is excited by sustainable design and is attracted to the relationship between humans, nature, and the built environment.