About JWA

The vision was born 9 years ago in a garage: create progressive designs for livable, affordable homes. Today, that vision flourishes, in projects impacting families, neighborhoods and communities. We are JWA.


Our diverse team members combine their broad range of expertise in a rigorous, collaborative process that is the hallmark of JWA design. Our method yields affordable, progressive designs without sacrificing quality.


Founding Principal / MoreLess

Julian Weber, AIA, leads a highly collaborative design process that includes designers, consultants, and clients. He has been working in the industry for over 18 years and founded JW Architects in 2009. Committed to design that positively impacts neighborhoods and communities, he served as the Chair of the Southeast Board of the City of Seattle Design Review Board from 2015 to 2018.


Principal / MoreLess

Jaidee Weber has been instrumental in the growth and development of JWA from the beginning in 2009.  She has over twenty-five years of experience working with and leading innovative, creative and collaborative teams and has received multiple awards for her work in the arts and design.

After a successful 15-year career in the performing arts, Jaidee returned to higher education and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in industrial and interior design at The Art Institute of Seattle. During her studies, she worked as a model builder and design assistant at Pb Elemental concurrently with Julian.

Upon graduation, she was recruited to work in lighting design and had the privilege of working on many iconic buildings in Seattle. Using her skills as a collaborator and connector, she led a lighting studio in developing the standards and design of uniquely illuminated spaces for millions of square feet of Amazon headquarters, including The Spheres.

At JWA, Jaidee combines her passion for studying the human experience and how we interact with the built environment. She leads the integration of interior design services with architecture, oversees internal design and development projects, manages construction administration services, and mentors professional growth among the staff while maintaining a vibrant office culture.  If you think her hands are full you should see her heart!


Studio Leader / MoreLess

With extensive experience in mixed-use and multi-family housing, Veronica is an advocate of designing communities that enhance the built, natural, and social environment. She received a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington.


Studio Leader/ MoreLess

Katie is motivated to create healthy, sustainable and thoughtful spaces in which people can work and live. Along with those passions, she brings with her years of experience with Seattle’s mixed-use and multi-family housing. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and a Master of Architecture from Washington State University.


Project Architect/ MoreLess

Architecture has been a part of his life since Steven was young. Influenced by his grandfather who learned architecture and the building arts through apprenticeship and “learning through doing” and by his father and uncle’s home building businesses, he spent his childhood learning how structures come together. This legacy nurtured his interest in creating spaces and learning how design can enhance and influence the social and natural environment.

With a long family history in the New Orleans area, he attended Tulane University School of Architecture. The city itself was a classroom that taught an architectural history of thoughtful and meticulously detailed spaces. While the iconic architecture of New Orleans shapes and influences his designs, he sees every design as an opportunity to improve and complement a project’s surrounding environment.

After graduating with a Masters of Architecture, he moved to Houston and then Seattle. In both cities, he worked for several diverse design companies. While his design experience includes various project types, he specializes in multifamily projects and custom high-end residential homes. His experience includes coordinating project teams, working with homeowners, developers, engineering disciplines, and general contractors. He coordinates construction administration for projects and is involved in bidding, planning and permitting processes. He has a strong technical knowledge and experience with a variety of codes and construction types. He works on Type I, II, III and IV construction with extensive experience in wood framed construction.
At JWA, Steven hones in on his skills working as a Project Architect in the Community Studio. He designs apartment buildings and larger scale residential projects.


Project Architect / MoreLess

Alexandra earned her Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon with a focus on craft, fabrication, and sustainable technology. She is passionate about how design can positively impact human experience and benefit our communities.

Stephanie Irwin

Project Coordinator / MoreLess

Steph lives a life outdoors, which motivates her to design environmentally unique, thoughtful, and community oriented spaces where people can live and work. Her interest in urban and social systems and love of the mountains, drove her masters thesis study of designing an integrated community network to restructure social imbalance in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture from Montana State University.


Designer / MoreLess

Sean’s adventurous spirit and passion for travel has taken him to over 20 countries in the last five years photographing architecture and studying how different culture’s influence design. He has a passion for sustainable design and how people interact with the environment. He holds a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design from Montana State University.

Sonja Helstad

Designer / MoreLess

Sonja is a creative individual, inspired by the elegant connection between art, architecture, and the environment. Sonja earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from Montana State University, and is excited to apply her knowledge and passion towards building a career in the profession.


Designer / MoreLess

With a background based in rural Montana, Sarah understands the importance of preserving authentic communities. Her interests as a designer lie in genuine community design and the policy that supports it. She has earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture from Montana State University.


Design Intern / MoreLess

With a strong interest in photography and travel, architecture quickly became a passion for Nate. Currently studying at Montana State University, he will finish his undergraduate architecture degree in the spring of 2019 and pursue a masters of architecture following. Nate is excited by sustainable design and is attracted to the relationship between humans, nature, and the built environment.

Dylan Kish

Design Intern / MoreLess

Dylan is currently studying for his Master of Architecture from Montana State University; he will finish his degree in the spring of 2020. He found his affinity for architecture during studies in art and graphic design. Along with a propensity for experiencing natural environments, his interests seek to thread aspects of biophilia and arts into spaces and planning.


Leo, LeoBaDiO, Peanut, & Dude! / MoreLess

Leo is the office’s unofficial alarm system. He has no professional training but his contribution to snuggles and weird behavior is unparalleled. He enjoys treats, naps and chasing squirrles.