King Street Office

JWA is currently building our very own brand new office building. The office is designed to be net-zero energy, with solar panels that generate as much energy as the building will use. Other design features such as blown-in insulation, strategic glazing, LED lighting, and a tight building envelope will make the new JWA office very energy efficient.

The 2-story, 3,600 SF office is being built at 1257 King Street, between Rainier Avenue and 12th Avenue.The firm is excited to join the vibrant International District and says that the design of the building, with its saw-tooth roofline and clerestory windows, references the neighborhood’s industrial food-manufacturing character. The glazing and siding strategies were strongly influenced by Japanese design methods. The projected is expected to finish in early 2016 and our firm will move in shortly thereafter.

Located just next door is a home that is currently being rennovated for Julian Weber and his family to live in.

Year Completed: In Progress

Square Footage: 3600

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